Almost a Year in Review

So Bits and I started this blog almost a year ago as a New Year’s project. Obviously it didn’t go so well. We’ve both been so busy that by the time we get home, there is no motivation to post. 2012 will be better…I think 🙂

Before 2011 officially ends, I thought I would post some updates and pictures of what Bits and I have been up to this year.

January: Foot surgery during the winter is not a good idea. I had my foot surgery the first week of January, and since I couldn’t walk, getting to work and around the house proved to be very difficult. Luckily I have an incredible husband that waited on me while I recoverd

February: This was our first winter together in Chicago and it was a shock. We experienced out first blizzard and saw Thundersnow for the first time. They said it was one of the worst snowstorms in decades and Lake Shore Drive was full of cars that people had abandoned in the snow

LSD during the Chicago blizzard of 2011

March: Pretty boring month except that it was my birthday MONTH!! Yes, I milk my birthday for an entire month

April: It stated to warm up a little bit so we started to come out from our winter hibernation. Porter got to meet some dog friends at Churchill park and had a great time.

Porter at the park

May: Summer in Chicago is amazing. There are neighborhood festivals every weekend and the beach gets packed. We spent Memorial Day at North Avenue beach and I still can’t believe how crowded it was. They had to eventually shut the beach down. Winter in Chicago definitely makes you appreciate the summer

North Ave Beach - Memorial Day

June: We’ve become good friends with our neighbors upstairs and this past June we had our first trolley birthday party adventure. The trolley drove us around the city stopping to take pictures and visit the usual neighborhood haunts. It was a blast!

Bits on the trolley

Specks on the trolley

July: Fourth of July in Chicago was beautiful too. We went up to our roof and had a 360 view of fireworks all over the city. This past July I also spent a week in Phoenix for work. I arrived just in time to see the aftermath of a giant dust storm that covered the whole city.

Dust storm in Phoenix - 2011

August: In August we took our annual family vacation. This year we went to relive my childhood summers spent in Estes Park, CO. I hadn’t been back in about 18 years and to be able to go with my entire family was amazing. We reserved a “cabin” at Spruce Lake for the 7 of us. A cabin it was not! Bits and I ended up sharing a 3 bedroom double wide trailer with my entire family. We somehow survived and had an incredible vacation.

View from our double wide

Dad and Joey catching dinner

Rocky Mountain National Park

The boys in Rocky Mountain National Park

Incredible View

Remake of 18 year old picture

Horseback Riding in RMNP

Man trip Fly-Fishing

Bits' first fly-fishing catch

September: This was a very eventful month. We welcomed Rachel, Ruthanne, and the Smathers kids to Chicago for Labor Day weekend and got to explore the city with all of them. I don’t think it was possible to fit anything else into this weekend: Aquarium, Planetarium, Field Museum, Millenium Park, Rainforest Cafe, the dog park, and the kids’ first CTA ride. Bits and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary this month. I can’t believe we’ve already been married for 2 years. I officially have the best husband ever. We have shared our anniversary month with our best friends, Tom and Lindsey, and now get to share it with Danielle and Matt. We were lucky enough to get to celebrate another set of friends getting married. Congrats Matt and Dani! They had a beautiful wedding and bits and I danced the night away.

Lindz and Dani

The Newlyweds

Adam dancing...of course

Photobooth memories

October: Last month was bits’ 2 year anniversary at his job. He’s doing well there. I remember waking up and taking his picture on his first day of work :). We also went down to Indy to walk in a JDRF fundraiser with mom and dad. Porter got to participate as well. It was nice to spend some time with the family.

Adam's first day of work 🙂

So now there is only a month and a half left of this year and still so much to look forward to. We leave for Columbus next week to spend some time with the Ross family and enjoy Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see all of our nieces and nephew. They are growing up so fast and I feel like everytime we go back they have so much more personality.

Christmas is going to be a blast this year. My side of the family is usually so traditional for Christmas. My mom has a garage full of Christmas decorations to put up and everyone comes to Indy for the weekend. This year is breaking the tradition. We are leaving Christmas morning to catch a plane to Cozumel Mexico. Christmas in Mexico!!!! I can’t wait!! We even get to celebrate New Year’s eve on the beach. How can you beat that??!?!

Condensing 10 1/2 months into one blog post was a tough. Hopefully we will be better at keeping this up to date. Stay Tuned!

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Do The Needful

I have the pleasure to report that my wife and I watched Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanual, dining at the restaurant across the street from our house.  Although we may not know or agree with the established policies of this newly elected Mayor it was very unique, and somewhat exciting, to see him prominently seated  at the front of the restaurant’s floor length open sidewalk window.  Although we are not fans of the restaurant it was comforting to see our neighborhood haunts accepted by the ranks of the Mayor.  As a point of reference, Mayor Daley would’ve never been so prominently displayed in a yuppie Northside neighborhood.  He was a born and raised Southsider and would have been viewed as a trader to “true” Chicagoans.  That said, we did notice one very disturbing idiosyncrasy, he looked at his phone many times during the meal and even left the restaurant to take a call at one point leaving his three female guests to fend for themselves.  I could only imagine that being the mayor of such a large city would demand much of your time but as the highest ranking municipal official and most certainly at that table, proper etiquette must be maintained at all times, especially when in public.  If this was a personal dinner the guest might not have cared for his lack of attention but the act was nonetheless, distasteful and rude.  Keep in mind that all of us, especially those of us in positions of power whose attention and influence is held in high regard, need to give acquaintances, coworkers, guests, family, friends and spouses the utmost attention and care that their company requires.  Although I am unaware of any empirical studies confirming my view, I postulate that there is no amount or type of digital contact that can satisfy one’s need for attention better than the attention and affection of a person in one’s presence.

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The beginning

So much for New Year’s resolutions. We are now 11 days into the New Year and this will be the first post to our new blog. Along with exercising, eating healthier, spending less and exploring more, blogging was one of our New Year’s resolutions. We have succeeded for 11 days with exercising, spending less and eating better, we have recently become pescatarians. The spending less is in part because we’re still recovering from the holiday over indulgences, but we haven’t dined out or gone to a movie for 12 days. And now, we’re finally blogging. I can tell this is going to be a great year, maybe the year of the baby, maybe the year of the new house or new job and if Specks had her way, new city. Somewhere warmer no less. It is miserable outside, 6 inches of snow and still falling. This time of year in this part of the country lends to a lot of time spent indoors, which leads us back to the blog. The blog, along with our art projects, are intended to be a release of penned up wintertime angst. Then why did it take us twelve days, you ask? That has a lot to do with the fact that I’m finally back to work in all its capacity. You see, Specks has this suspicion that I do nothing all day at work but write masterfully written works of literary genius in the form of emails to herself and her family members that dare join the thread. Diatribes she calls them, I think, but nonetheless these are sometimes the only time during the course of my workday that I can truly express my thoughts. When the stress of corporate shenanigans deludes my mind for 40+ hours a week I need a release. I need someone to listen to me or just humor me at least. Those emails were the very thoughts no one want to listen at work or at home for that matter but once written and delivered the readers were captivated by obsessive compulsive obligation to finish what they’ve started reading. And my wife, Specks, by some compulsion or pure desire to contradict my musings, must respond. And when the family chimes in, all the better. Alas, the attention I need to feed my ego. And thus a blog is born. I’m back to work and back to writing.

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